Sewer Repair Service

American Rooter  of Longmont is  here to meet your sewer repair needs. Broken sewer lines can be frustrating and costly to repair. Before attempting any repairs, American Rooter sends a camera down the sewer line to inspect for damage. Depending on the type of sewer line, it’s possible the line may be repaired without digging and replacing sewer pipe.

With older clay-type sewer line, it’s important to first inspect the pipe with the camera to see where the damage is, how severe the damage is, and to determine the source of the damage (often tree roots). See the tip below for more information.


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TIP: Broken sewer lines can be caused for a variety of reasons, but for Longmont area residential sewer lines, it’s often tree roots. Before having a plumber dig up the pipe, make sure you do a camera line inspection first. Understanding the degree of damage and your options help you make an informed decision, and could save you a lot of money.

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