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American Rooter is here to meet your residential, municipal, and industrial pipe thawing needs. If you are fortunate enough where your frozen pipes didn’t burst, consider yourself very lucky. Frozen pipes, once ruptured, can spew thousands of gallons an hour. It doesn’t take long for this to turn into a disaster. To keep the luck going, we recommend that you do not try to thaw your pipes yourself using a flame torch. People attempting to do so is one of the leading causes of fires in this situation.

Once you’ve discovered a frozen pipe, time is critical, especially if the pipe looks bulged or slightly cracked. TURN OFF YOUR WATER MAIN (if possible), so in the event the pipe actually breaks, you’ll minimize the amount of water that escapes.

If you discovered the frozen pipe by simply turning on the valve and no water came out, again, TURN OFF THE WATER MAIN and call a plumber immediately and follow the instructions in the tip below. If you don’t know where the water main is, call a plumber immediately.


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1) While you are waiting for the plumber, try to locate the water main and turn it off.

2) Try to locate where the pipe is frozen.  usually is located in a very cold area of the such as an exterior wall, under a sink, or in a crawl space, or some where close to the exterior walls of the house or building. If the pipe is exposed where you can see it, you will usually see frost on the outside of the pipe.

3) Open the spicket or water valve on the line closest to where the frozen pipe is. It may be completely backed up, or a little water may get past.

4) Grab a portable light or lamp, and put in the highest wattage rating bulb you have. Place the light as close to the pipe as you can get it, but take caution that there are no cumbustible materials in the way, or nearby. The last thing you need is a fire.

5) Turn up the heat in the room or building where the fozen pipe is. If you have a portable heater, put it as close  to the frozen pipe as you can. Again, make sure it’s clear of cumbustible materials.

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