Floor Drain Cleaning

American Rooter is here to meet your residential, municipal, and industrial floor drain cleaning needs. American Rooter typically uses a power rooter to remove clogs from the floor drain. For more serious blockages, a power water jetting system is employed.

Standing water on your floor is obviously symptomatic of a clogged floor drain. Clogged floor drains often show themselves while using washing machine, or during the cleaning of commerical or municipal floors. Clogged floor drains smell awful, and will quickly send the pungent order to other areas of your house or building.

Floor drains can be difficult to clear without power equipment, but sometimes the clog is close to the drain entrance. For the at home do-it-yourselfer, we’ve provided some instruction in the tip below.


Floor Drain Cover Removal


1) CAUTION: Wear proper eye protection before working on any plumbing project! Remove the two screws securing the floor drain cover to the drain housing. Typically these are large flat head screws. If the screws aren’t too badly rusted, you should be able to get them out fairly easily. If they are rusted, spay some penetrating fluid on them and wait a bit.

2) Once the drain cover has been removed, visually inspect the drain for any blockage. If you can’t see a blockage, you can take a straightened metal coat hanger and see if you can reach the clog. If so, try rotating the hanger in a circular motion to auger-out the clog.

3) Once it feels that you’ve loosed the clog, try running some water down the drain to see if it will pass. If the drain appears to be working, pour a larger quantity of water down the drain until you’re satisfied that the clog has been washed out to the sewer main.

4) If you are unsuccessful using this procedure,  you should call a plumber.

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